Integrated management system

ROBO Piešťany, a.s. has implemented certified Integrated Management System, which is subject to on-going inspection and regular supervision by SGS Slovakia spol. s r.o. certification company. The integrated system has been incorporated into the company’s internal guidelines, technical qualitative conditions and every activity carried out by the company thus helping quality and productivity of labour to grow continually. Our company provides high-quality services with observing a maximum level of occupational health and safety, minimum impact on environment and compliance with valid legislation and applicable codes and standards.

ROBO Piešťany, a.s. is the holder of the following certificates:

The company is also a holder of:


SECURITY CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE issued by the National Security Authority of the Slovak Republic


LICENSE to remove materials containing asbestos from buildings not interconnected with the interior, as defined by the Act No. 355/2007 Coll. as amended