Hazardous waste management

Nakladanie s nebezpečným odpadom


management of the radioactive waste generated as a result of dismantling, cleaning and decontamination of structural parts and structures on outer surfaces of technological parts of facilities and support systems, in the extent of radioactive waste fragmentation, collection and separation


In accordance with the company’s license to remove materials containing asbestos from buildings not interconnected with the interior, our company removes asbestos, as a hazardous substance, harmless in a wet process, i.e. prior to the disassembly asbestos is first stabilized by means of a special spray application and subsequently removed and transported to a hazardous waste site.

Other hazardous substances

  • handling with hazardous wastes including preparation of hazardous waste for transport to be stored at a waste dump, which are established in the Catalogue of Wastes (decree of MoE SR no. 365/2015 Coll.): 
  • waste paints and varnishes containing organic solvents or other hazardous substances 
  • waste adhesives and sealing materials containing organic solvents or other hazardous substances
  • other solvents or solvent mixtures
  • packings containing remains of hazardous substances or contaminated with hazardous substances
  • metal packings containing hazardous rigid porous basic material (e.g. asbestos) including empty pressure vessels
  • absorbents, filter materials including not specified oil filters, cleaning cloths, protective wear contaminated with hazardous substances