Since its establishment, ROBO Piešťany, a.s. has implemented numerous projects, particularly in the field of industrial structures and in power engineering, on the JE-EBO premises: maintenance, routine repair, general repair, decommissioning of A1 and V1 units of the Jaslovské Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant.

Power industry

Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

  • special and industrial cleaning, special cleaning carried out by means of industrial mountaineering, seismic retrofitting of nuclear power plant facilities and structures,
  • floor repair in the controlled area, repair of structures of nuclear power plant technological buildings, paint repair in nuclear power plant technological buildings,
  • paint repairs, masonry, timber works and plumbing works carried out on the technological equipment and facilities in the nuclear power plant under operation and during downtime,
  • disassembly and installation of ceilings for nuclear power plant buildings, demolition of reinforced concrete structures including transport of debris to a dumping site,
  • A1 reactor hall decontamination, special cleaning of reservoirs and tanks,
  • corrective repair of the lining coatings in the controlled and hermetic zones,
  • wall paint repair in V2 NPP SE-EBO hermetic premises,
  • sludge treatment and separation in V2 EBO blow-off channel,

Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosť, a.s.

  • special cleaning services, cleaning services carried out by means of industrial mountaineering,
  • radioactive waste fragmentation and separation and operation of machines during separation and fragmenting,
  • repairs at height performed by means of industrial mountaineering, repairs of building structures, facades, paintings and coatings,
  • radioactive waste separation and fragmentation and radioactive waste conditioning for free release into the environment,
  • measurement of aerosol and iodic filters´ efficiency in the ventilation equipment of V1 NPP primary circuit,
  • dismantling of insulation in V1 NPP turbine hall (BIDSF project D1.1),
  • design and refitting of mobile radiation monitoring equipment,
  • elaboration of project detail design for the improvement of Bohunice Processing Centre monitoring facilities,
  • elaboration of project detail design for specific activity measurement of hygienic loops,
  • cleaning of potable water reservoirs for V1 and V2 NPP,
  • removal, collection and disposal of impurities from the racks and bottom of V1 NPP spent fuel storage pool,
  • clean-up of reactor internal structures and reactor pressure vessel by pumping off highly contaminated particles, sediments and sludge after fuel removal, and separation of the generated RAW into shielded storage containers,
  • fire resistance strenghtening of interim spent fuel storage facility at Bohunice,

VUJE a.s. Trnava

  • liquidation of 30 containers according to the approved technological procedure for liquidation,
  • treatment of contaminated soil and concrete rubble – construction adaptations,
  • auxiliary works involved in the installation of an inspection stand for spent fuel monitoring,
  • processing and treatment of sludges from the nuclear power plant technological structures, long-term storage pool and collecting shafts,

VÚEZ, a.s. Levice

  • works at heights using mountaineering outfit – installation of reference marker tags and leaks search,
  • works at heights using mountaineering outfit – installations at the hydroelectric power plant Gabcikovo,

EZ - ELEKTROSYSTÉMY Trading, s.r.o.

  • work at heights performed on V2 NPP cooling towers,

AMEC Nuclear Slovakia s.r.o.

  • sample collection from V1 NPP Unit 1 and 2 reactor shaft by diamond drilling,


STABIL, spol. s r.o.

  • diamond core drilling of a concrete wall at Jaslovské Bohunice,



  • complete refurbishment of V1 EBO radiation monitoring control room,


VF, s.r.o.

  • monitoring system for waste water disposal into the Manivier stream,


  • paintworks of linings on nuclear power plant technological structures,

ČEZ, a.s.

  • repainting of technological structures of the power plant Počerady.



  • construction adaptations, preparatory construction works for technological installations,


  • installation of a lightning conductor on a chimney, installation of wiring and lighting system for the chimney,


  • reconstruction works, industrial cleaning in the area of production, 


Energomont s.r.o.

  • seismic retrofitting of external cladding,

Chirana - Dental, s.r.o.

  • industrial cleaning in the area of production, reconstruction works,

Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave

  • diagnostics of concrete structures,


  • industrial cleaning of production building walls and structures,

Mesto Piešťany

  • reconstruction of a canopy over a music hall, reconstruction of a terrace in an art school, reconstruction of a gymnasium,


  • cleaning of wall and ceiling surfaces in spa hotels, rehabilitation of the roof in the Slovan Hotel, reconstruction of the Grand Hotel kitchen,

ENERGOCLIMA spol. s r.o.

  • drilling of holes into reinforced concrete structures using diamond technology, anti-corrosive paintworks on civil constructions and technological structures,


  • seismic retrofitting of external cladding,

Slovenský hydrometeorologický ústav Bratislava

  • maintenance and anti-corrosive paintworks of a meteo mast,

VÚB Trnava

  • full cleaning of the external glazed cladding of the bank’s building,

EKOM s.r.o.

  • cleaning of the assembly plant and pressing shop, vacuum cleaning of the paint shop.