Construction and installation works

Montáž technologických zariadení

Installation of technological equipment

  • installation and dismantling of technological assemblies and parts thereof,
  • installation, maintenance, repair and restoration of chosen equipment of nuclear plant´s building structures,
  • deliveries and testing of special technological equipment,
  • repairs and maintenance of selected technical electrical equipment, chosen building structures facilities and nuclear facilities, including restoration thereof,
  • testing of special technological equipment.
Realizácia stavieb

Construction works

  • erection and maintenance of constructions, assembly and disassembly of steel structures, demolition and earth works, precision drilling and cutting of reinforced concrete using diamond technology,
  • welding and burning work, plasma burning services.
Stavebné práce vykonávané vo výškach

Construction works at heights

The company carries out repairs of constructions and technical structures at heights or depths by means of industrial mountaineering (Decree No. 374/1990 Coll.). This procedure enables us to perform large-scale works even in difficult conditions without having to resort to a costly solution of erecting scaffolding.

The scope of works performed by means of industrial mountaineering:

  • repairs and painting works on steel structures of bridges, cranes, tanks and masts, and concrete structures of cooling towers, bridges, building facades, roofs and constructions,
  • installation of transmission and antenna systems, elimination of leaks in technological equipment, pools and constructions, revision of high-rise buildings and their installations, photographing and video recording of constructions from places that are normally inaccessible to document their condition.
Vŕtanie a rezanie železobetónu

Reinforced concrete drilling and cutting

As part of special construction and restoration work (e.g. replacement or upgrading of technological assemblies, rehabilitation of concrete structures), the company offers drilling, chipping and cutting of reinforced concrete using diamond technology.

Core drilling and diamond cutting of reinforced concrete structures offer the following benefits:

  • precision bores and cuts, little vibration and noise, dust-free operation when water-cooled and option of water circulation cooling,
  • cost effectiveness, low time consumption (no additional work is required).

Common drilling and demolition works are carried out using pneumatic tools simultaneously with heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners in order to reduce dust formation during the operation.