Anti-corrosive & fire-resistant paints

Antikorózne a protipožiarne nátery

ROBO Piešťany, a.s. provides anti-corrosive and fire-resistant painting services using an optimal technological procedure according to the client’s specific requirements and the FROSIO Inspector Level III prerequisites. The complex offer of anti-corrosive and fire-resistant coatings for technological equipment, pipes and structural parts includes:


  • surface cleaning and treatment prior to the application of painting systems, using special equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaning machines and jet blasting machines designed for removal of weather-worn and crumbling parts of original paint coats and for cleaning of surfaces from corroded layers down to the layer made of pure metal,
  • chemical treatment of restored surfaces with corrosion-preventive materials,
  • water-resistant coatings of concrete pools and tanks including repairing technologies of the leaks,
  • surface repairs prior to the application of paint in the case of technological equipment, surface repairs using corrective seal, plaster, façade and building structure repairs, and surface penetration, if required by the respective technological procedure,
  • anti-corrosive priming coats of surfaces of structures, pipes and facilities.

After reaching an agreement with the client, an optimum method for corrosion protection is determined, which is recommended by the company based on its experience with individual technologies. Similarly as for priming coats, an optimum technological procedure is agreed upon in advance also for protective top coats. In the latter case, the company also designs the painting colour scheme according to the client’s requirements and procures special coating compositions suitable for various environment types, if necessary. In addition to providing advisory and consultancy services, the company also performs independent inspections and supervision of painting system application through trained Frosio paint inspectors, level III.

Scope of works:

  • painting system design,
  • painting system application,
  • painting system quality checks.